2004 Ontario College of Art and Design

Growing up in a renovated limestone church, Charli was destined for a life full of creativity and using her imagination. When it came to deciding what university to attend, the Advertising and Design program at the Ontario College of Art and Design seemed a natural fit. In April of 2008 Charli graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Advertising and Design, and was honored with the opportunity to present her final thesis campaign as a Master Thesis Presenter to the entire school.

2008 Doug & Serge Inc

Following a 3 month internship as an art director and copywriter at Doug & Serge Inc, Charli was hired full-time. For the next three years, Charli pushed the creative boundaries of each project, creating a variety of interactive campaigns with the ‘BIG’ idea spanning multiple forms of media.

Charli’s first major project at the agency was working on the re-launch campaign for the Art Gallery of Ontario, a mind-blowing opportunity for any art director fresh out of school. Charli’s logo for AGO Next, an exclusive membership program which helps connect individuals under 40 with Toronto’s vibrant art scene, won a Toronto Design Edge Award in 2010.

In early 2011 Charli and her partner interviewed four of the top creative directors in Toronto: Israel Diaz, Nancy Vonk, Deborah Prenger and Douglas Robinson, to be featured in an augmented reality campaign for the Best On Page Award show. Hosted by Magazines Canada, this award show celebrates innovation in magazine advertising from around the world. What better way to show how magazines can be innovative then using them in tandem with the web to bring their pages to life, literally!

One of the last projects that Charli brought to fruition at Doug & Serge was a campaign for Stone Tile inspired by M.C. Escher. Her task was to change consumer’s perspective on Stone Tile’s tiles by demonstrating that they can be used on any surface, not just the floor. Charli designed a room with stairs and secret hallways in which every surface was tiled and had it’s own gravitational properties as demonstrated by the people in the room.

2011 Freelance Design

In August 2011, Charli went solo with her own freelance design business. Working for herself she experienced a completely new and exciting part of the industry, overseeing every aspect from initiation through implementation to completion.

Colour Lab 12, a salon solely devoted to hair colour, was Charli’s first major client as a freelance designer. A carte-blanche opportunity that required expertise in building the brand from scratch including: logo, business cards, promotional brochure, packaging designs, interior design, website, a Twitter and Facebook page, and news paper ads. Their first store successfully opened in June 2012. They are currently looking to open a second store, as well as expand their line of hair products created specifically to protect and prolong the life of colour treated hair.Charli’s freelance work has extended past our Canadian borders, finding new and exciting opportunities in New York, L.A. and Atlanta Georgia. The client in New York commissioned her to design a 20’ x 40’ backdrop for or Bette Midler’s annual star-studded “Hulaween” fundraiser, held at the Waldorf Astoria in support of the New York Restoration Project. The backdrop was a hit and Charli even received a request for it to be used on t-shirts and as a packaging design. For the same event, Charli also designed a pattern for male and female 20-foot 3D skeletons cut from wood to be hung on either side of the stage. An exciting initiation into 3D design!

Charli continues to work as a freelance designer accepting new projects from a variety of design disciplines.