Comic Wall Art cover
Last Christmas Pete and I were wondering around the Junction area when we happend across a comic store that looked like the type of nook you could find little treasures in, like antique Nintendo 64 games. As our luck would have it, that was their last night in business. With an hour till they closed (forever!) Pete and I got hard at work searching through massive boxes and boxes of comic books for $0.50 (cheaper then my usual at Tim Hortons, they were a steal by my standards). Living with a guy who’s last couch looked liked his buddies stole it from...
FrancoiseNielly cover image B
  You know you’re in the presence of true art when words are simply not enough. Francoise Nielly is an artist whose vibrant oil based knife-paintings leave me speechless. Her colour pallets, the shapes her knife create through thick layers of oil paint, her imagination and courage to see the face differently from everyone else, the piercing looks of her models that pop off the canvas… it took me an hour and a half to walk through the Louvre, I could get lose all track of time gazing at these painting.     “Françoise Nielly’s painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute...
Charli Thrift Shop 2013 fi
You know what’s “hella-tight” a freelance art directors expendable cash. After awards season and food shopping I only have $20. SO why not jump on the band wagon and document one of my many trips to the local Thrift Shop with my Momma and friend in tow… unfortunately my Grammy, Aunty and Mammy were unavailable that day. Though I did find some interesting “come-up’s” and was lucky that nothing I tried on smelt like R Kelly’s sheets, the best part of the day was hearing my mother humming her version of the hit song Thrift Shop by Macklemore &...
3 leg chair
Hello design world! It’s good to be up and running at LAN speed! I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and findings. Also on the agenda for 2013, some DIY projects, for example I found this crazy chair with three legs by on the side of the street one night around Runnymead and have plans to give it a second life… Pete is not thrilled that this grubby looking chair has taken new residence in our spare room. Too bad. Anywho, stay tuned! Over and out.  


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