100 Things You Should Know About Communism by John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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How about my church men's club, ladies' aid society, or young people's group? Out. There is no freedom of assembly under Communism. 19. What could my pastor do? In the pulpit, he could lead the congregation in acts of faith and deliver sermons, with the Communists checking on every word . Out of the pulpit, he would be an official target for abuse, ridicule, and scorn, under constant suspicion, and in danger of his life . 20. Why? In him, the Communists would see a rival to their power over your mind, imagination, and will .

56 . Are they open in their hate? No. Says the same expert : "They can manipulate admissions and scholarships to obtain radical students . They require courses that give a maximum of indoctrination . They favor students who follow their leadership . " 57 . Is this sort of thing confined to the colleges? Attorney General Tom C . " 58 . How about the parents? Richard Frank, writing in "The Communist," an official Party publication, specifically directed : "In rural communities, teachers who are among the few educated people are looked up to with tremendous respect .

Just exactly that, and every one of them knows it sooner or later . 14. Then a "Bolshevik" and a "Communist" are the same thing in meaning, aren't they? Yes, and they are bad news for everybody else. 15. Well, what did Lenin have in mind when he said give him the child's first eight years? He meant that, given a child from its infancy, he would turn it into a faceless, obedient, trained Communist slave for life . 16. How? " This kindergarten program is the biggest, broadest, and most elaborate branch of the whole Russian school system .

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