101 Essential Lists for Primary Teachers by Fred Sedwick

By Fred Sedwick


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For example, who gave you your name? What does it mean? Are you named after anyone in the family, or out of it? Do you like your name? If you do, why do you? If not, why not? You then invite the children to tell similar stories about their names, and eventually to research at home with relatives the answers to these and other questions. A useful help here is a dictionary of names. But there are no dictionaries that I know of that list names from the Islamic, Hindu and Sikh traditions. Make a virtue of necessity.

Link PE with Maths by asking them to find ways to show their findings (graphs and the like). o PE is about awareness of the body, awareness of the space around it, and awareness of the ways in which it balances. o The aesthetic element in PE is about the beauty of the human body in its movement and balance. Be aware of this beauty. Keep the children aware of it: make them watch each other. o Link PE with art, by getting them to draw themselves and each other after a lesson in the gym. o Link PE with English, by getting them to talk about each other's movements o and by getting them to write about them.

Kingsley Amis wrote somewhere that singing in a choir gave him more sensual pleasure than anything else except sex. O Reading music helps with other kinds of reading, for example, reading words, reading numerical symbols, reading scientific symbols, reading art, reading maps. The conductor Simon Rattle made this point when music was being sidelined by the strictures of the National Curriculum. O It aids concentration aurally, much as drawing aids concentration visually, and dance aids concentration on the body and the space around it, and drama aids concentration on (among other things) social realities.

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