Hyundai Excel 1991 Shop Manual by Hyundai

By Hyundai

Дилерский сервис-мануал на английском языке к автомобилю Hyundai Excel 2 поколения, выпускавшегося с 1989 по 1994 год, включая руководство по ремонту инжекторного двигателя. Автомобиль продавался в США под названием Mitsubishi summary, в Японии - Hyundai XL, в Южной Корее ваиант с кузовом седан продавался под названием Hyundai Presto. В 1995 году производство было вынесено на Филиппины, где продолжалось до 1998 года. Двигатели - по лицензии Mitsubishi. Автомобиль продавался в США по цене от 5300$ за штуку…

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Replace the magnetic switch. STARTING SYSTEM Solenoid Return Test 1. Disconnect the connector from the M-terminal. 2. Connect a 12V battery between the M-terminal and the body. CAUTION This test must be performed quickly (in less than 10 seconds) to prevent the coil from burning. 3. Pull out the pinion and then release it. If the pinion returns quickly to its original position, everything is in order. If it doesn’t replace the solenoid. Performance Test (No-load) 1. Make the no-load circuit test as shown.

Repair or replace cables. Fuse blown. Check fuses. Fusible link blown. Replace fusible link. Electronic voltage regulator or alternator faulty. Test alternator. Wiring faulty. Repair wiring. Drive belt loose or worn. Adjust tension or replace drive belt. Wiring connection loose or open circuit. Tighten loose connection or repair wiring. Fusible link blown. Replace fusible link. Poor grounding. Repair. Electronic voltage regulator or alternator faulty. Test alternator. Battery life. Replace battery.

Remove two spring retainers with pliers and then remove two governor spring. 12. Remove two governor weights. 13. Mark location of drive gear on distributor shaft. 14. Place drive gear on soft base (wood block) so that roll pin can be removed. 15. Using a pin punch, remove roll pin. 16. Remove drive gear and washer. 17. Remove distributor shaft from housing. REASSEMBLY 1. Clean and inspect all parts. 2. Install shaft into housing. 3. Install drive gear into distributor shaft at previously marked location.

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