2-4-6-8 how do you communicate?: how to make your point in by Phillip Khan-Panni

By Phillip Khan-Panni

With examples and speech feedback, this e-book presents a template for purchasing your aspect throughout in exactly a minute. the writer exhibits the reader tips on how to filter out details and current evidence successfully.

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As you know, everyone’s favourite radio station is WII FM – What’s In It For Me? So if you start with a powerful attention-getter, then appeal to self interest, you have a strong chance of achieving your outcome. And that’s where we came in. If you have only a minute to make your point, you must have a very clear idea as to the outcome you want. Think again about the example of a chance meeting with the one person who could make your dream come true. What will you say? What is it that you want that person to do for you?

It has a barrel containing ink. ) It has a nib ... ) ... that’s gold in colour. (Gold? ) ... that leaves a mark. ) You can write with it on paper. ) It has a clip. ) What you say isn’t always what is received Here’s a different drawing exercise. This time you will be giving instructions to someone else, so that they can reproduce the drawing below. Sit back to back so that you cannot make eye contact. 56 How Easily Do You Communicate? You should not be able to see what the other person is drawing, and he or she must not be able to see the original that you are describing.

Aim to bring about some change. ◆ Start with your end in mind. ◆ What outcome do you want? ◆ Be like Demosthenes: get action rather than applause. ◆ Pile on relevant benefits. ◆ Pay attention to your listener’s point of view. ◆ Stay focused, be succinct, call for specific action. 40 Chapter 4 Don’t Be Boring In this Chapter ◆ the four situations when brevity and directness count ◆ what’s the point you are making? ◆ the difference a structure makes ◆ three common weaknesses ◆ the danger of self-indulgence when you rise to speak ◆ understanding how people listen ◆ never cross the boredom threshhold.

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