A Boatload of Idioms: Over a thousand English expressions by Lucia Sera

By Lucia Sera

A Boatload of Idioms provides greater than 1000 idioms, in addition to definitions, beginning factors (where known), pattern sentences and routines. additionally, a seek index is available as a brief reference software. This application is aimed toward intermediate-to-advanced ESL scholars in addition to local English audio system who are looking to enhance their language skills. as soon as idioms are simply understood, conversing English could be a «cake-walk».

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Blow the whistle on – to reveal or expose wrongdoing to the authorities. John is going to blow the whistle on that corrupt agency. Blow-by-blow account – a detailed description of an event. Give me a blow-by-blow account of everything that happened that night. Blue blooded – aristocratic. This term arose when the rich got to stay indoors (and thus their skin was pale and even, bluish), while the poor had to work outside and got tan. Polo used to be the sport of the blue-blooded. [Once in a] blue moon – very rarely.

The “flower” murderer always left a white rose at the scene of the crime as a calling card. Can of worms – a problem situation. I asked about the wife, and that was another can of worms. Can’t fight City Hall – It’s no use getting upset when there’s nothing you can do about a matter. They tried to save the lighthouse with a petition drive, but in the end, they realized that you can’t fight City Hall. 54 Can’t get a word in edgewise – to be over-talked or interrupted by a talkative person. I was going to tell Leah about the cats, but she kept talking on and on and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Jody refused to admit that his business was failing and buried his head in the sand as the bills mounted. 47 Bury the hatchet – to forgive. This term is said to come from Native Americans, some of whose tribes bury a tomahawk (hatchet) to signify a truce. The two brothers decided to bury the hatchet and be civil toward each other for the sake of their mother. [Get down to] business – to get serious and start working. If we want to finish the house by the end of the summer, we had better get down to business.

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