A prairie populist: the memoirs of Luna Kellie by Luna Kellie

By Luna Kellie

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We commenced breaking sod 28 day of February. We bought several hundred strawberries and some currants, so cherries, 50 plums, 100 apples, 100 peaches. Tuesday all one year old. Paid for in work. Father and Uncle are going to the Republican (river) after a load of little trees to plant on the edge of the field. The place is much different than last year. When we came here first there was no house no barn no nothing and now one year a barn a house 50 acres of land broken and a well. How is the little one?

As he had no rubber coat or anything of course he was soaked through before he got there but he came back feeling better and dried out. Said they needed it and Mrs. Burns cried more for joy. Telling me of it many years after she said she had been so homesick she did not like anything or anybody in the country but when Father drove over there soaking wet in that cold wind to bring them some fuel she made up her mind that a country with such neighbors would not be unendurable and was never so homesick afterwards.

When it began to get dark we used to go and sit on the cave where we could see all around and the little owls used to hoot so lonesome and sometime the coyotes would howl, and I used to be sure at times it was Indians signalling to one another off in the sand hills south and west of us for there were no houses in sight and it seemed like the end of the world. But most every night when we sat alone some little antelopes would come and look at us with great curiosity and come a little nearer and nearer till sometimes they got real close just a few rods but they always went away before Pa and the boys came.

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