A Roadmap to Education: The CRE-ACT Way by Dorothy Prokes, Adrianne Adderley

By Dorothy Prokes, Adrianne Adderley

A street Map to schooling: The CRE-ACT means takes an method of schooling with an arts established curriculum. This consists of not just visible artwork and track but additionally dance and drama. inventive drama is utilized in the study room as an experiential studying aspect.

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For this purpose the leader will employ objects, situations, characterization, music, literature, and any form of motivation which will lead the participant from the sensory concrete, through the realms of the imaginative, to the creatively dramatic concrete beyond. Visual stimuli furnish some of the most powerful motivation for dramatization. In giving examples of the manner in which these visual stimuli relate to or inspire creative expression, the value of the initial stimulus will not be accented as much as that of the activity which it initiates, culminating in a new expression—a vision beyond.

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It begins “in utero” and continues as long as one lives. If it is not complemented and /or supported by another person, it will develop independently and instinctually, but not with the potential for looking beyond itself. Herein lies the major role of parents and those to whom they entrust the care of their children. These young people need encouragement and support in order to be enticed and involved as they enter into unfamiliar territory. Caution should be used in the choice of child care and pre-school facilities, primary and educational programs, or special opportunities thereafter.

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