A study of history, Volume 4, Breakdowns of Civilizations by Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers

By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers

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For this reason it is imorbit possible for the Cosmos to be permanently exempt from change, though to the limits of its capacity it does its utmost to move with a constant up in the same locus, and has therefore been allowed changes) to revolve in the reverse direction as involving the slightest possible deviation from its proper motion. Perpetual selfrotation, however, is beyond the capacity of almost every being except that by which all things that move are conducted, and this being is precluded from moving them sometimes in one direction and sometimes in the opposite.

V,pp. 211-2, below. pp 338 and 340, above. (n) (b), vol. in, pp. 338-9, above. * At the time of the Peloponnesian War, when Ionia was at her political nadir, we have explicit testimony that a number of the continental and insular Asiatic Greek cities were unfortified. C. The evidence is as follows: for the Ionian cities in general, Thucydides III. 33; for Chios, Erythrae, and Clazomenae, VIII. 14; for Clazomenae again, VIII. 31 for Chios previously, IV. 51 for Cmdus, VIII. 35; for Cos, VIII 41 and 108; for Camirus, VIII.

13, and Book VII, chap. i). The emperor-philosopher relentlessly pursues this theory of the objective nature of the Universe into its subjective consequences for the Soul: 'He who has once seen the Present has for ever seen all things all that will be in an infinite Future, as well as all that has been in a Past that is without beginning. All things are homogeneous and uniform' (Marcus. Meditations, Book VI, chap. 37). The logical conclusion is that a man of forty, if he is not positively deficient in intelligence, must know as much about human life as if he had been studying it for 10,000 years (Book VII, chap.

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