A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission: A Commentary on by Klon-Chen-Pa Dri-Med Od-Zer, Richard Barron, Susanne

By Klon-Chen-Pa Dri-Med Od-Zer, Richard Barron, Susanne Fairclough, Longchen Rabjam

One of the works in Longchen Rabjam's well-known assortment, The Seven Treasuries, generally called the Chöying Dzöd matters the religious strategy referred to as trekcho (cutting via solidity), which brings non secular practitioners of the top acumen to freedom effortlessly.

The Chöying Dzöd involves texts: a collection of resource verses entitled the valuable Treasury of the elemental house of Phenomena and Longchenpa's personal remark on these verses, A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission. every one of those has been released separately.

This publication, A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission, comprises statement with resource verses interspersed.

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Like the sun in the sky, it is amazing and superb. 4 A TREASURE TROVE OF SCRIPTURAL TRANSMISSION When enlightenment, endowed with twofold purity, is discovered, at that point [ua] all that constitutes the timeless awareness and perspective of dharmakaya, sambhogakaya, and nirmanakaya is simply the natural manifestation of awareness-buddhahood itself-expressing itself fully. Nothing has ever existed as anything other than that, because there is nothing other than that-only the perspective of the kayas and timeless awareness that are present within you and become fully evident at that point.

Samantabhadra-involving no reification-abides in her own ground. Samantabhadra-the sphere of being-is in essence empty. Samantabhadra-the source of phenomena-is not created. Samantabhadra-the nonconceptual state-is undistracted. Samantabhadra-relative reality-is the actual seed. Samantabhadra-ultimate reality-reveals her miraculous expression. 32 Samantabhadra-lovely adornment-manifests in sense objects. Samantabhadra-the unity of basic space and awarenessis actual dharmakaya. Samantabhadra-the nature of being-is continuous.

The great vajra crown is all-pervasive emptiness. The limitless vajra is not conferred, but naturally perfect. 13 And The All-Creating Monarch states: The vajra nature of causality serves as a condition. Having no origin, it cannot be destroyed. In the primordial heart essence of enlightenment, basic space is not disturbed by thoughts of seeking it. Given that such awareness can be compared to the domain of a prosperous ruler, the "palace" of the naturally occurring heart essence is built on the "foundation" of the true nature of phenomena as basic space: On this infinite foundation, extending everywhere impartially, the stronghold of awakened mind does not distinguish between samsara and nirvana.

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