Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain : Psychoanalytic by Allan Frosch

By Allan Frosch

The identify of this publication refers to a selected building of the realm that brooks no uncertainty: 'things are the best way i think them to be'. there's no opposite direction! it is a genuine strengthen to one's self belief - even supposing this conviction relies exclusively on our personal techniques or fast event. while a gaggle or association percentage a one-dimensional view of the area the experience of conviction takes the shape of a  Read more...

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As one might expect, Mr A wanted a woman analyst precisely because he would be aroused by her shoes and feet. And he was as obstreperous with Dr B as he was with all authority figures, to the point of throwing pillows off the couch when he was angry. One could reasonably wonder about a borderline personality organisation, but the course of Mr A’s treatment did not bear out this diagnosis. Eventually his obstreperous behaviour faded away. He did not graduate from the conservatory, because he was offered a job in a professional company, which he accepted.

It is counterintuitive, but necessary, to understand that what the patient is paying us for is precisely what threatens him or her the most. To show how all this emerges clinically, I will give an example from two sessions of a supervised case. Mr A, in his mid-thirties, is a professional actor. An only child, Mr A’s “liberal” parents exposed him to adult sexuality in early childhood. His father died during his adolescence. He began treatment towards the end of his professional training. He was near graduation from a fine conservatory, but was doing everything he could to sabotage it.

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