Acquaintances: The Space Between Intimates and Strangers by David Morgan

By David Morgan

The excellence among buddies and friends is usually made in daily dialog however the value of this contrast is under-explored. This ebook argues that acquaintanceship is a subject worthwhile of research in its personal correct and assesses the final importance of friends in overdue sleek society. entrance disguise; Halftitle web page; identify web page; Copyright web page; Contents; sequence editors' preface; Acknowledgements; 1 finding neighbors; 2 pals in house: neighbours; three 'Mates should not friends': acquaintanceship and offices; four kinfolk among pros and consumers; five Passing buddies: overlapping timetables; 6 Fleeting buddies in time and house; 7 far away and undesirable encounters; eight end; precis; References; identify Index; topic Index; again disguise

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Yet, as I have argued, even where a particular residence might be chosen, particular neighbours are more likely to be ascribed and this idea of ascription is important in the analysis of acquaintanceship. From what has been said already it can be seen that neighbours may provide a range of informal services and these have been well documented in the literature. These include running small errands, providing loans or gifts of goods and services (the almost proverbial cup of sugar), collecting children from school or childminding or keeping an eye on one’s premises when the owner is absent.

Themes of masculinity, woven around themes of age and marriage, were reworked and reaffirmed at some safe distance from the domestic spheres where they were presumably played out in practice. Is this an account of acquaintanceship or of friendship? I am inclined to see it as an example of the former. For a start, there is little evidence of socializing outside the workplace. The only exception to this was Ike and George’s 40 Acquaintances practice of having a fish dinner together every Friday night but even this seemed to have a somewhat ritualized character.

From the point of view of the development of and studying informal group relations, the conditions were particularly favourable, however. The group was relatively isolated and the attitudes of management seemed to be fairly ‘laissez-faire’. So long as the work was done, there seemed to be little managerial interference. I argue throughout this book that a key aspect of acquaintanceship is to do with ‘knowledge’ and this is clearly demonstrated in this study. In this sense, the workers were Roy’s acquaintances and he was an acquaintance to them.

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