Advanced Post-Irradiation Exam Tech for Water-Reactor Fuel

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Task 9: Conclusion report The agreement assesses the respective contributions of the partners to this task. Generally speaking a partner is responsible for publishing of the papers concerning his part. Ø Task 10: Waste management The CEA is responsible for managing, packaging, and storing or reprocessing the resulting nuclear waste. These actions require an agreement of the partners determining there is no further use for the material. To be allowed to any further experiment, the CEA needs EDF agreement, as the latter retains ownership of the material along the whole fuel cycle.

E) f) g) Assembly distortion, that is bow, tilt and twist. Height of the top nozzle springs. Grids width. The basic method utilised by SICOM system to perform dimensional measurement is as follows: The camera is positioned at the edge of the characteristics to be measured. The edge coordinates are obtained by a digital image processing system that has been previously calibrated using a standard length gage. Then, the camera is moved to the other edge and the co-ordinates will be obtained as above.

As was said before analysis of iodine isotopes activities may show that such FA is tight. All that enumerated isotopes are preferable to identify large defects. Analysis of activity of transuranium elements such as neptunium-239 is difficult because of their small concentration and large Compton effect background. We can use statistical criteria to identify leaking FA using NRG, non-volatile or solid fission products. Criteria "activity of reference isotope in probe greater than average activity plus 3I" is formulated in existing methodology and used to identify leaking FA by iodine isotopes activity.

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