Africa in Economic Crisis by John Ravenhill (eds.)

By John Ravenhill (eds.)

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In any event, if African states are to successfulIy promote labour-intensive manufactured exports, a more efficiently-repressive state will be required - one which is capable of reducing the real costs oflabour. And, as both CalIaghy and Higgott point out, Africa is a relatively unattractive locus for foreign investment compared with either Asia or Latin America. If lSI can be (and has been in the NICs) complementary to export-led industrialisation. it can nevertheless also undermine the latter strategy when the protective measures taken to promote lSI make it impossible for export industries to compete effectively.

Unfortunately, there is nothing in Africa's post independence experience of self-reliance and regionalism to justify an optimistic assessment of this strategy's potential. Biersteker's review of the Tanzanian experience, updated for this volume (Chapter9), is one of the few attempts to provide a systematic examination of self-reliance in practice. No African country has more self-consciously pursued a selfreliant strategy than Tanzania. Over the years since the Arusha Declaration, its government has made errors, to be sure - and Julius Nyerere has not been afraid to admit them - but there is little reason to believe that other African countries pursuing the same strategy would have been significantly more successful.

12 (September 1984) no. 9. 937-49. Concise statements on the role of agriculture in economic growth are found in W. Arthur Lewis. The Evolution of the International Economic Order (Princeton University Press. 1978); and World Bank . World Development Report 1982 (New York : Oxford University Press, 1982). 10. Half of this number are projected to remain underemployed. however. ECA and Africa's Development 1983-2008 p. 59; other data are from World Bank, Accelerated Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Agenda for Action (Washington.

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