Agenda-Setting (Communication Concepts) by James W. Dearing

By James W. Dearing

What's the significant social challenge within the information this present day? Who made it so vital? Social concerns which are well known at the media schedule frequently call for awareness at the public schedule, and in flip flow speedy up the coverage schedule, growing coverage alterations. according to study of latest social concerns that experience hit the headlines - together with the conflict on medicines, drink-driving, the Exxon Valdez oil spillage, AIDS and the Ethiopian famine - this ebook presents vital theoretical and sensible insights into the agenda-setting technique and its function in effecting social swap.

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Ray Funkhouser (1973a, 1973b). 2. Funkhouser, however, did dte the McCombs lind Shaw (19n) paper in his second article (Funkhou~r, 1973b), published in JoumalislIJ Quarterly. 3. Only 47% of Japanese respondents identified an issue in response to an MIP-type question. 55 54 4. nus concept Is similar to that measured by McLeod el 31. (1974) as the degree to which an individual respondent ta lked about an issue with ot~e~ members of the community, or other members raised the issue with the indiVidual.

NBC, CBS, and ABC quickly dispatched film crews to Ethiopia. Soon thereafter, rock musicians organized benefit activities to raise tens of millions of dollars of food aid. s. government and international agencies quickly joined the relief efforts. In Brazil, meanwhile, the famine continued without international fanfare. s. 1 in Chapter 2). The starvation continued, but media attention turned elsewhere, except for al\ occasional news article over the next severa l years. 71 Summary This chapter dealt with the public agenda-setting research that uses a Single-issue approach, a perspective that has emerged in recent years as one important means of disaggregation.

Interpersonal communication interrupts the media's agendasetting influence when discussions concern other issues. David H. Weaver at Indiana University has led in, among other things, explicating a /leed jororielltatioll on the part of aud ience members to understand and control their informational environment. Individuals with high uncertainty will have a corresponding high need 10 become oriented about an issue. A high need for orientation will lead people 10 seek out more information in the mass media to reduce their uncertainty.

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