Aikido: Coordination of Mind and Body for Self Defence by Koichi Tohei

By Koichi Tohei

Aikido is in strict accord with the legislation of nature and provides a amazing co-ordination of psychological and actual states. each stream calls for consistent perform and ideal co-ordination. This booklet explains intimately Aikidos guiding spirit and the fifty uncomplicated strategies.

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The combative spirit IS almost always accompanied by an uneasy state of mind. If a competitor equal in strength wilh you approaches and merely stands near you, your mind quakes with apprehension. :e. 3. As nature loves and protects all crcoliOn and helps all thinl:~ grow and develop, AIKIDO leads every de\'olee along the struigh: and narrow path anti strives to teach mankind its truths with all ~incerit)' . COOIWrNATlOl'i OF MLND AND BODY AIKIDO is a way of menial and physical coordination. Every movement in AIKIDO requires coordination of mind and body, and constant practice is required to maintain absolute stability at all limes.

Not diSSIpate them as when you are trying to think about something to your right as "'ell as (0 your left. or studying while you are thinking about playing. If you do this, the mind waves will be unable to create any kind of strength. The mind must be concentrated instantaneously on problems directly ltS they arise. and yet must not cling to them. A mirror renects an image instantly, but if the objeci that it is renecting is taken away. no Image remains. If the previous image were to remain. the mirror could not renect a second object clearly.

A mirror-calm pond reflects the true. round moon. A pulT of wind ruflles the surface into ripples and the moon is shattered into a thousand golden pieces. The mind is like this. A peaceable. clear. stable mind can make correct judgments, bUI a disturbed, shaky mind will fail to reflect the true form and color of what it sees. It cannot see that willow leaves arc green or that roses are red. If you would see Nature in all her truth and understand that truth. you must first coordinate your mind and body and reach such a state that your entire body is like a polished mirror.

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