Ajs Review, 1984 No 2 by Robert Chancan

By Robert Chancan

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With the Commentary of Moses Narboni, ed. and trans. K. , p. 4; English trans. p. 23. Bland opted not to produce an eclectic text and instead printed the text of a single manuscript verbatim, placing all variants in the apparatus. The manuscript Bland chose for his edition is, mirabile dictu, one of the worst, a manuscript that, he admits, exhibits "blatant error[s]," "errors of transcription," and "lacunae" (introduction, pp. 10-11). 'Aluba hi ha-'issa she-nahtomah me'id 'aleha.... My translations are based on Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, Hebrew MS 918, corrected with the aid of Bland's apparatus.

4. Aristotle, De anima III, 4, 429a, 16. , 429a, 16. , 5, 430a, 14-15. , 430a, 10-11. 175 176 HERBERT A. Aristotle indicated that the potentialor materialintellectis of a differentcharacterfrom the other facultiesof the human soul, but he failed to state just what its nature is;5 and his vague remarkson the subject have, for twenty-three hundredyears, tantalized,more than enlightened,readers. From Averroes'vantagepoint, the rangeof possibleinterpretationswas delimitedby Alexanderof Aphrodisiasat the one extremeandThemistiusat the other.

Yebezqiyahu, Kook's reasoningon the subjectcan be seen also in his MishpalKohen(Jerusalem,1966),p. 336. He wrotethat Babyloniahas a date separatefromthat of the Landof Israelonly because most Jews lived there in talmudictimes. Accordingto this view,the Jewsin the SouthernHemisphere,sincethey do not constitutea majorityof all Jews, were not to look upon themselvesas a whole community but only as a collectionof individuals. 80. Hai2d ed. (Jerusalem,1946/47), pp. 19-20, who ruledthat the Mishpelei'Uziel, OrabHayyim, general diaspora practiceshould be followed.

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