Algal cultures, analogues of blooms and applications Volume by D V Subba Rao

By D V Subba Rao

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Extensive bloom of a N2-fixing diatom/cyanobacterial association in the tropical Atlantic Ocean Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 185: 273-283. , M. Varela and A. Bode. 1999. Oceanogr. 15: 413-429. G. C. Cullen, 2001. Oceans: Dis-crediting ocean fertilization. Science 294: 309-310. H. 2001. Iron fertilization. Encyclopaedia of Ocean Sciences, 3: pp 1385-1397. A. Thorpe and KK Turekian (eds) Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences. Academic Press, San Diego USA. , C. R. Hood. 2004. Remote sensing of new production fuelled by nitrogen fixation.

Probably due to the logistics these studies progressed rather independently, and were not integrated. Before the carbon-14 tracer technique was available, a few studies were carried out using oxygen exchange measurements to measure algal photosynthesis. Although this technique is laborious and replication becomes difficult it has the advantage of measuring net and gross production, the serious disadvantages are its imprecision, relatively small changes in oxygen relative to large background oxygen levels.

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