Analog Integrated Circuit Design by David Johns Ken Martin

By David Johns Ken Martin

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The second voltage-controlled current-source in Fig. 18, shown as g,v" models the body effect on the small-signal drain current, id. When the source is connected to small-signal ground, or when its voltage does not change appreciably, then this current source can be ignored. 84) is eliminated by subtracting the current gsv, from the major component of the drain current, gm V9" as shown in Fig. 18. 87) Note that although g. is nonzero for V58 = 0, if the source is connected to the bulk, ~ V58 is zero, and so the effect of g.

72 kQ The value of rd s remains the same. either 143 ill or 170 kQ. depending o n the drain-source voltage. Most of the capacitors in the small-signal model are related to the physical tran sistor. Shown in Fig. 20 is a cross section of a MOS transistor. where the parasitic capacitances are shown at the appropriale locations, The largest capacitor in Fig. 20 is C gs ' This ca pacitance is primarily due 10 the change in cha nnel charge as a result of a cha nge in VGS' It can be shown [Tsividis, 1987J that C gs is approximately given by ?

23 A small-signal model for aMOSFET that is turned off. 3 Advanced MOS Modelling 39 to-substrate capacitance. This capacitor is highly nonlinear and dependent on the gate voltage. 115) If the gate-to-source voltage is around 0 V, then C gb is equal 10 Cox in series with the channel-to-bulk depletion capacitance and is considerably smaller, especially when the substrate is lightly doped. Another case where C gb is small is just after a transistor has been turned off, before the channel has had time to accumulate.

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