Freelancers can’t afford to spend $50 for a t-shirt, time for some Thrift Shop fun

Charli Thrift Shop 2013 fi

You know what’s “hella-tight” a freelance art directors expendable cash. After awards season and food shopping I only have $20. SO why not jump on the band wagon and document one of my many trips to the local Thrift Shop with my Momma and friend in tow… unfortunately my Grammy, Aunty and Mammy were unavailable that day. Though I did find some interesting “come-up’s” and was lucky that nothing I tried on smelt like R Kelly’s sheets, the best part of the day was hearing my mother humming her version of the hit song Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I plan on secretly capturing her slow-paced slang-free thrift shop rap on video one day to share with the world, stay tuned.

Charli Thrift Shop 2013








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