MARVEL Art – DIY Comic Book Art

Comic Wall Art cover

Last Christmas Pete and I were wondering around the Junction area when we happend across a comic store that looked like the type of nook you could find little treasures in, like antique Nintendo 64 games. As our luck would have it, that was their last night in business. With an hour till they closed (forever!) Pete and I got hard at work searching through massive boxes and boxes of comic books for $0.50 (cheaper then my usual at Tim Hortons, they were a steal by my standards).

Living with a guy who’s last couch looked liked his buddies stole it from beside a dumpster, it’s been hard to come to an agreement on what to hang as ‘art’ in our apartment. As both of us love comic book art an idea was born. With large inexpensive silver frames from IKEA, new matt board, a stack of comic book, some glue dots and the excitement to finally rid myself of that horrible bachelor-pad artwork, we went to work.

The end result? 2 frames, 18 colour comic book covers, 1 wall, 2 happy co-habitants! Lets just say these pieces of art were no dumpster babies! Currently both pieces of Marvel art are happily living behind our TV. Now I just have to work on getting rid of those damn drapes… hung on by safety pins… honestly men… nope, there are no words.

Comic Wall Art 1

Comic Wall Art 2

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